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Team Torah


Join the Team…Team Torah!

Team Torah is B’nai Aviv’s team of Torah readers, Haftorah chanters and "Daveners". The team includes post BM’s and adults. We participate during the year at Weekday, Shabbat and Holiday services. Almost all our High Holiday participants are Team Torah members. Because of our Trienniel Torah reading, there are MANY very short portions (3-5 verses) available. We provide all the materials you need to prepare. This includes, MP3 audio file, and EXACT copy from the Torah you will read from (our Torah is completely digitized), and a copy of the portion with “vowels”. 

We are completely updating our database of all participants, new and old. If you are interested in joining the “Team” or want to continue on the Team, please email us your name, email address, phone # and your interest type (if you have one):  Pesukei, Shacharit, Torah, Haftarah or Musaf.






To help prepare our Torah readers and B'nai Mitzvah students we have taken images of each portion from the Torah so that they can be available here on our website for viewing. If you download these images please treat them with the same respect that you would the Torah or a prayerbook. We have also included audio recordings of the portions. It is the hope that any student can prepare for a Torah or Haftorah reading from wherever they are via this site.

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784