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Shabbat Protocol


Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, is a holy day. It is the Jewish ‘day of rest’. On that day we refrain from everyday work, duties, chores, etc. It is a time for prayer—our connection to the Jewish community and our personal moment to reach out to GOD.

1. Please do not place prayer books or bibles on the floor. They are sacred texts.

2. Smoking is strictly prohibited on B'nai Aviv grounds on the Sabbath. This includes all the areas of B'nai Aviv inside and outside.

3. Do not applaud after Haftarah or speeches. Applause is inappropriate during services. While there is clapping when we sing or pray, it is not appropriate to applaud on the Sabbath.

4. Tallit and head coverings are provided in the lobby. All men must wear a head covering upon entering the Synagogue. Jewish men of Bar Mitzvah age are obligated to wear a tallit. Jewish women are encouraged to wear a tallit in our Synagogue.

5. Cameras, cell phones, beepers, tape recorders, gaming devices, .mp3 players and all other electronic devices are strictly forbidden in the Sanctuary or Synagogue area on the Sabbath.

6. The chewing of gum is not permitted in the Sanctuary.

7. Guests are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for synagogue services. Women should refrain from wearing low cut, sleeveless, strapless or backless dresses or blouses, bare midriffs and short skirts. 



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