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Resources for Coronavirus Outbreak

Virtual Services

For Zoom links to upcoming programs click on the event on our home page.

Weekday Services:
Monday-Friday----  8:00AM
Monday-Thursday- 7:30PM
Sunday--------------  9:00AM
Zoom Link:
  Password: Minyan

Kabbalat Shabbat Service:
Friday 6:30PM
Zoom Link:

Havdalah Service:
Saturday 8:30PM
Zoom Link:

05/27/20 Pre Shavuot Learning via Zoom & Facebook
05/22/20 Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom & Facebook
05/15/20 Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom & Facebook
04/24/20 Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom & Facebook
04/16/20 Pesach Yizkor via Zoom & Facebook
04/03/20 Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom & Facebook
03/21/20 Havdalah via Zoom & Facebook


5/22/20 Important Video Message from B'nai Aviv

5/8/20 Video Message from The Board of Directors

4/5/20 Video Message from Cantor Bill

3/26/20 Message from Food Art (one of our caterers)

Pesach is around the corner and we know that many families take this time to go away to programs and resorts. This year, we will have be spending the seder at home, in an intimate setting without much fanfare- but still requiring a lot of work and preparation.  
Below is the link to our new and updated site which includes beautiful packages for everyone as well as a delectable a la cart menu. Its as easy as adding to cart and enjoying the freedom of letting us cook for you.

3/24/20  Video Message from Rabbi

3/20/20 Video Message from Jamie Cohen

3/15/20 Message from Rabbi

As many of you know, a recent death in my family brought me to Boston for Shabbat. What should have been a funeral with hundreds of attendees was reduced to family and a handful of close friends on account of our new reality.  We watched each other cry from a distance, never more in need of a physical, consoling embrace.  As we said our last good-byes to a man we admired and loved deeply, we sat apart, abiding by the new directives of social distancing. 

It was counterintuitive, sad, lonely….and entirely necessary.  As Jewish tradition teaches, there is no higher value than the preservation of life, Piku’ach Nefesh. Jewish law, Halacha, is clear: pikuch nefesh doheh et ha-kol, “the saving of life outweighs every other principle in the Torah,” and we are obligated as Jews to err on the side of stringency if even there is a possibility of a threat to life.  By this point, we are all keenly aware of COVID-19 and how it spreads, and we must recognize that facilitating the gathering of individuals is facilitating possible transmission of COVID-19. 

Preventing gatherings within B’nai Aviv is both a Jewish and moral imperative.  Consequently, B’nai Aviv will be suspending all in-person gatherings until further notice.  This includes weekday and Shabbat services, meetings and programs. 

Though we will be physically separated from one another, we cannot think of a time where spiritual connectivity has been more necessary.  Your clergy and synagogue staff are not abandoning you.  We are in regular telephone contact with many of you, but not with all of you.  We are available via telephone, email and Facetime, and will continue to be as we navigate the days ahead together.

Here is what we are working on:

  • Opportunities for us all to virtually congregate will be available throughout the week.  In addition to learning opportunities, such as Torah Talk, clergy will also be hosting virtual conversations several times a week.  These times will be posted both on our website and my Facebook page (  
  • Most hospitals and rehab facilities have closed their doors to visitors. If anyone from B’nai Aviv is in the hospital, please let us know so clergy can—at the very least—stay in touch virtually.  

  • Our Religious School is temporarily closed. Instructions for long-distance learning will be forthcoming from Liz Singer, Director of Lifelong Learning. If any of your children, however, are in distress about all of this and you feel that a supportive email or phone call from clergy would help, just let us know and we will be in touch with that child directly. And, of course, the same goes for our ECEC children: if any parents would like us to  phone their children to say hello, we would be pleased to do that.                           
  • Our ECEC is also temporarily closed. Mindy Bernstein will be working closely with the teachers to provide vitual opportunities for our families. For as long as we remain shuttered, the cantor and I will also undertake our weekly Shabbat programming virtually with the children.  We will be in touch with specific instructions.                                                                                
  • Though our regular services have been temporarily discontinued, this is not, however, a good time for any of us to abandon prayer! If any of you wants some counsel on how to daven at home (i.e., which prayers are crucial and which are dispensable, which should only be said with a minyan and which individuals can say on their own, etc.), just ask and we will help you get organized.  We will also be providing suggestions as to how to organize structured times for family prayer at home.  I am aware of the fact that there are so-called “virtual” minyanim out there that you can log onto and participate in, but my counsel would be not to recite Kaddish virtually in such a setting unless there is an actual minyan of actual people davening together that you are joining and not if all participants are connected solely virtually. 

We know how unsettling this is for our congregational family. Hopefully, we can find comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our anxiety. We are bound to one another and remain responsible for each other.   If we stick together and support each other, we will leave this crisis mode stronger than the way in which we entered it. We have a resilient community of friends at B’nai Aviv, so the question is really just how to bring the best version of ourselves to the fore, how to stand by and with each other, and how to negotiate straits that none of us saw coming and for which none of us was truly—or at all—prepared.

We will get through this! Our entire board and professional staff are committed to overcoming this crisis together.  If you need any of us, WE ARE HERE. We will all be checking our voicemail and emails regularly. Since this situation is constantly changing we ask that you continue to monitor our website, emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates throughout the coming days and weeks. 

You can reach us at 954-384-8265 (main number), 954-349-1879 (youth department), or 954-384-6605 (ECEC).  You can also click on our names below to access our email addresses:

Rabbi Adam Watstein
Cantor Bill Lieberman
Jamie Cohen, Board President
Scott Daub, Board Vice President
Lynne Balaban, Executive Director
Mindy Bernstein, ECEC Director
Liz Singer, Director of Lifelong Learning
Todd Morchelies, Youth Director
Sol Hettena, Ritual Director
Joe Castro, Facilities Director

Thank you.


Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780